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Inside a Cannabis Tupperware Party

The party gathers female entrepreneurs in the industry for an afternoon of networking and socializing.

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For those who are unaware, a tupperware party is a gathering of women at a host's house where they order tupperware. Loosely, these parties are seen as a gathering for likeminded women. In San Francisco, a group of 17 women have come together to celebrate their shared love of cannabis and pass around snacks and marijuana-based lotions. However, the event is more than just a group of friends sitting around getting high together. The parties lean more towards networking events that are led by professionals within the cannabis industry as well as those interested in getting involved "early" (before legalization).

A few notable attendees of the party include Ramona Rubin, owner of a cannabis healing cream company called Doc Green's Healing College, Alison Ettle of weed treat specialty company SweetLeaf, and 15 other females involved in the industry. Already, the group discusses and hopes to break the "green ceiling." 

The legal marijuana market has been reported to be worth $1.5 billion and the current market has been estimated to be worth $2.7. As the industry's value continues to grow, it’s no surprise then that these women are looking to get involved early. Like many other male-dominated industries, these women are no different and already looking ahead to combat gender lines in business. 

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