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Indiana Is One Step Closer to OKing CBD Oils for Epilepsy Treatment

The State Senate passed CBD legalization and sent the measure to the Indiana House of Representatives.

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While 28 states have legalized some form of marijuana use, Indiana still stands on the conservative side of history, outlawing the plant in all its forms - recreational and medical. A new measure moving from the State Senate to the Indiana House of Representatives hopes to change that, at least when it comes to non-psychoactive CBD.

According to local Fox 59 News, the measure, if passed by the House, would create a registry for doctors, nurses, caregivers, and patients, making CBD oils available to patients with epilepsy.

Studies around the world have found that cannabidiol can be an incredibly effective treatment for epilepsy, and in some instances can stop seizures in their tracks, or prevent them from ever even happening. Popular cannabis strains like Charlotte's Web and AC/DC have particularly high CBD content that is often extracted and made into oils for topical treatment or vaporizing.

Like most laws that separate CBD from its psychoactive cousin THC, Indiana’s new measure would draw the line for legal CBD oil at 0.3% THC, making sure that none of the state’s residents can legally get stoned on their medicine. Additionally, the oils must contain at least 5% CBD and may contain no other illicit substances.

If the measure can make its way through Indiana’s House of Representatives it would be a major move for health professionals and epilepsy patients across the state, and yet another win for the varied and accepted use of cannabis.

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