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How Do You Celebrate 420?

MERRY JANE News hit the streets of Hollywood to find out.

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Guess what? It’s definitely our favorite time of the year again (but we’re sure we didn’t need to remind YOU).

Of the 365 days in the calendar year, April 20th has a lot more significance if you’re a part of cannabis culture. Otherwise, it would just be a regular Thursday—and what’s the fun in that?

Since this is the day where stoners around the world will toke up in solidarity, MERRY JANE News hit the streets of Hollywood to ask people how they will be celebrating 4/20 this year.

Will they be sticking to edibles? Trying a new strain? Lighting up for the first time? If you haven’t decided yet, please take some inspiration from the fine folks we spoke to, and let us know how you are going to celebrate in the comments below!

Always remember, “Yes We Cannabis”, and MERRY JANE wishes you a blazingly beautiful 4/20. 

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