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And the Winner of the First Debate Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Is...Snapchat

In an election with some terrifying prospects, Snapchat was the clear victor of last night’s presidential debate.

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As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took the stage at Hofstra University last night to square off in this election’s first presidential debate, the entire nation tuned in to cringe away at some of the terrifying statements made by both candidates. Although Clinton clearly came off as more composed and presidential, while Trump was sniffling his way through rants about Hillary’s emails and Obama’s birth certificate (yup, that’s still a thing…), the real winner of last night’s debate was Snapchat.

Though it might seem like a normalcy in this day and age, in reality face-swapping and animalizing the two leading presidential candidates of the United States is a phenomenon like we’ve never seen before. 

While both candidates sparred in the oftentimes unbearable debate, the internet turned into a Snapchat filter frenzy, as people around the country swapped Clinton and Trump’s faces, placed dog ears on them as they argued, and morphed their faces with a number of other ridiculous effects offered by the social media platform. On Monday afternoon, Trump’s campaign team launched a nationwide filter that would enabled Snapchat users to take a picture within a frame that read, “Debate Day: Donald J. Trump vs. Crooked Hillary.”

Unfortunately for The Donald, his strategy never really came to fruition, as most debate watchers opted for the humorous filters that we’re all so familiar with. People on both sides of the political spectrum seemed to put their differences aside for a moment to turn this historically unpopular election into an enjoyable event, though the morphing of Trump’s face onto Clinton’s head was certainly a terrifying sight.

On one hand, some would probably argue that this election is extremely important, and we should be listening to what the candidates have to say instead of transforming them into deer. But, to me, in an election year filled with hatred, bigotry, racism, and all-around dissatisfaction, these Snapchat filters shined a much-needed hilarious light on this generally terrifying presidential race.     

Here are some humorous examples of how the Snapchat filters were used to liven up the presidential debate:   

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