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Here's What Happens When You Play Bingo Stoned

The Stoned Gamer takes us on a strange journey we won't forget.

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We have teamed up with The Stoned Gamer to get you even more excited about E3, and video games in general. This time, we're taking you to a West Hollywood favorite, Hamburger Mary's, for a game of Bingo...while stoned.

Stoned gaming, the adhesive that has kept America together since George Washington wrote in his diary that he was late separating the female hemp plants from the male. History tells us those founding fathers played games while stoned on ancient devices called ‘Nokia 3210’. Games like ‘snake’ and…’snake’ were popular around the turn of the century. There are even records of Thomas Jefferson using a ‘TI-83 calculator’ to play ‘Drug Wars,’ where he simulated importing/exporting marijuana throughout a place he would later name ‘Liberty City.’

History has never been one of my strengths, but if stoned gaming was an olympic sport, my neck would be adorned with gold medals. Medals that I would have happily sold at a pawn shop if I were running low on OG Kush.

Some of you know me from The Stoned Gamer and The Stoned Gamer Tournament. Heck, there’s a good chance I’ve smoked with you and accidentally stole your lighter. Well, sorry about that. To make it up to you, I’ve teamed up with MERRY JANE to produce an original series called Super High Score where I travel around the country to see what it’s like to get really high and play an assortment of games.

Enjoy, stoned gamers. If you happen to be at LA pride this weekend, make sure to stop by Hamburger Mary's and tell them we sent you.

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