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Wide World of Cannabis: Uruguay Pt. II

Uruguay Cannabis Clubs offer complete control over the smoke.

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In the south eastern portion of South America is Uruguay, a nation that in 2013 became the first country in the world to completely legalize weed. 

In this episode of Wide World of Cannabis we picked up where we left on in Part I from Uruguay and explore the close-knit cannabis grow clubs that cultivate marijuana plants in the new legal space. 

To establish a club you must have at least 15 and no more than 45 members. For approximately $200 USD in membership fees and monthly dues of around $90 bucks, members gain the peace of mind in knowing exactly what they're smoking. 

Clubs are allowed to own 100 plants and membership comes with great yields. After harvest, each member takes home roughly 40 grams per month.  

Experience the social unity of a Uruguay cannabis club yourself, by checking out the full video. 

Wide World of Cannabis is a MERRY JANE original series profiling far flung parts of the world and how they have cultivated their own unique relationship with marijuana.

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ICYMI-- Click here to watch Part I. 

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