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How to Take Humongous Hits of Weed

Size matters. Get your macrodose on with these tips.

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While some of us are delving into the wondrous world of microdosing to enhance productivity and inspiration as well as treat various mental health conditions, others are sizing up the situation through a much larger lens. Welcome to the world of macrodosing, where “more is more,” “bigger is better,” and “size matters.” Whether you’re hosting a party, chilling out with friends, recovering from surgery, or battling illness, you’re certain to get your fill with this curated list of mega-size products and colossal cannabis accoutrement.

If you do go BIG, just be sure to keep these tips for responsible consumption in mind:

Santa Cruz Mega Shredder


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Made in California and precision engineered, Santa Cruz’s Mega Shredder is 16 inches in diameter, holds up to 1.5 lbs in the chamber, and shreds up to two ounces of product at once. Most aluminum grinders are made with sharp-edged teeth, which leads to eventual breakage that releases flakes of metal into your bud. The Santa Cruz, shreds instead. It’s made for extreme use, creating a consistent and safe end product every time. In fact, they claim that your flower will “fluff to perfection.” If the Mega is too mega for you, consider one of their stylish conventional designs.

POUNDS Battleship & Mothership by Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg’s new accessories line, POUNDS, is a nod to the musician’s history with Death Row Records’ Tha Dogg Pound and features five new handblown glass water pipes inspired by intergalactic ships, two of which are perfect for macrodosing. Battleship stands tall at 12.5 inches with turbine and honeycomb percolators for concentrates, while Mothership towers at 13 inches with barrel and dome percolators for cannabis flower. “Medicate, elevate, and put it in the air!” says Uncle Snoop.

Korova Edibles 1,000mg THC Black Bar

Boasting “unrivaled potency,” Korova Edibles’ 1,000mg THC Black Bar is made with 20 grams of dried cannabis and contains 12 mg of CBD. Decadent and strong, this super charged treat contains chocolate chips, chocolate bark, chocolate pudding mix, cocoa powder and cannabutter. It’s also available with Andes mint baking chips and mint drizzle. The edible comes recommended for those with incredibly high tolerances or experiencing extreme pain.

Volcano Vaporizer 10-Foot Easy Valve Party Balloon

In 2000, Storz & Bickel created the revolutionary Volcano, one of the most popular vaporizers on the market today. It’s easy to use, you’re able to better control your experience, conserve your stash, enjoy subtle cannabinoid and terpene profiles, and dial in exactly which beneficial compounds you’d like to take advantage of by referencing vaporization points. Combine all of these incredible benefits with a 10-foot Easy Valve Party Balloon and you’re ready to rumble. Wanna go wild? Break out the 30-foot balloon for special occasions.

RĒL Vape Goliath

Named after a giant Philistine warrior from the Bible, RĒL Vape’s Goliath packs a powerful punch. Made with a stainless steel coil and 20-watt battery, Goliath is leakproof and holds 1.25- and 2-gram cartridges of CO2 extracted cannabis oil. Plus, it comes with the RĒL Base, a reusable and recyclable vape stand designed to keep the your potent pen in an upright position when not in use.

Futurola Mega Size Pre-Rolled Cones


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Made from the thinnest 100 percent natural paper with organic gum arabic, Futurola’s mega size pre-rolled cones are 280mm long with an 88 mm filter tip. Pack one to the brim with your favorite flower or sprinkle natural tobacco substitutes like coltsfoot and damiana in to create a curative blend. Go above and beyond by adding concentrated cannabis like shatter, wax, or kief to your gigantic jay for an extra jolt.