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Top 10 Toker-Friendly Gifts for Mother's Day

What to get for the marijuana mama in your life this Mother's Day.

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Mother's Day is Sunday, but no worries, we've got you covered when it comes to marijuana related gifts. Whether it's for the experienced cannabis enthusiast, or you're just looking for a fun way to say "Thanks for being the best mom ever," you'll find something for every kind of mom right here! 

Card, $8

The simplest way to show your appreciation is with a card. But why not make it a special one with cards from KushKards? They even include a space to pop in a pre-rolled joint!

Chocolate, $6-$18

There are a ton of delicious chocolates out there, but what better way to say "I love you" to mom than with some THC-infused dessert? Kiva Confections makes some delicious cannabis creations ranging from chocolate bars to coffee bean bites. Pick up a bar or two of Kiva's Tangerine Dark Chocolate for mom, today!

Cookbooks, $10-$30

If your mom loves cannabis and loves to cook, why not combine the two with a marijuana-friendly cookbook? There are a bunch of great ones out there including The 420 GourmetThe Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook, and Stoner's Delight: Space Cakes, Pot Brownies, and Other Tasty Cannabis Creations.  

Flowers, usually around $50/eighth

Flowers are synonymous with Mother's Day, but this year, why not go off book and get your mother some flowers of the greener variety? Find out what your mom's favorite strain is and surprise her with some. Mother-friendly strains (aka ones that help mama relax after a hard day's work) include Northern Lights, Master Kush, and Chemdawg.

Jewelry, $20

Why not deck mom out in a little bling that gives a nod to one of her favorite hobbies? Check out these marijuana inspired hair pins, complete with antique green crystals or these handmade pendant necklaces that include real cannabis seeds!

Lotion, $14-$70

Nothing says "You deserve to relax" better than some cannabis lotions. Apothecanna's range of cremes, sprays, and balms include CBD (Cannabidiol), which provides both calming and anti-inflammatory benefits and can be a great way to show mom that cannabis is about much more than sitting in a basement getting high and eating all her snacks. For those that still need a bit more time easing in, the Hemp-based products from The Body Shop are a great way to go!

Stash Jar, $10-$60

Every mom needs a safe spot to store her weed, so why not gift her a stash box with style? For small stashes, this wooden mushroom box is perfectly adorable. Or perhaps this hollowed out copy of Pollyanna would be more her style?

T-shirt, $14-$29

Who can resist an adorable shirt, especially one that shows how marijuana-friendly mom can be? Etsy has a range of fabulous fashion finds from independent artists, including this colorful top, to this super statement t-shirt, and this more subtle one.

Travel Case, $110

Cuyana's gorgeous, orange travel case set will not only hold your vape pen, charger, and oil cartridges in style, it will also help save the lives of women and children. Cuyana has teamed up with Every Mother Counts this Mother's Day to give 100% of proceeds from this set to help make pregnancy and birth safer for every mother and baby, worldwide.

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Vape Pens, $10-100

Vape pens are a great, discreet way to enjoy cannabis without the pungent odor, need to clean out a glass piece, or all that smoke. Plus, it fits perfectly into a purse or traveling case. KandyPens offer a wide variety of vapes perfect for mom. They come in an array of bright colors and with different attachments, can be used with flower, oil, or wax! A super multipurpose device for the mom who finds herself constantly multitasking!

For the mom's in Southern California, next Saturday, May 14th, there will be a Cannaspa Party featuring cannabis-infused massages by Royal Treatment Pampering Services and infused alcohol and edible treats, too! It is a vape-friendly party where all guests will leave with a special spa gift bag after an evening infused with everyone's favorite plant.

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