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The New Business Venture of Cannabis-Infused Coffee

Bringing a whole new meaning to 'wake 'n bake.'

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As cannabis-culture continues to pervade the mainstream, innovators are enhancing everyday products to cater to this increasingly commonplace lifestyle. In 2014, James Hull, a former tech engineer, left the tech industry behind and depleted his savings to produce a brand of cannabis coffee. Within the span of a year, Hull and his wife moved to Seattle, founded Fairwinds Mfg., and began to produce Catapult Infused Coffee.

Using his engineering knowledge, Hull developed a completely mechanized operation to grow cannabis. Using the cannabis plants from his effective growing operation, Hull extracts THC-oil to infuse with locally-sourced coffee beans. Due to Hull's choice to use only sativa strains, the coffee gives a euphoric, but also energized, effect. Each cup of joe has 10-mg of THC and takes about 45 to 90 minutes before the psychoactive effects are felt. The coffee comes traditionally ground and also in the ever-popular “k-cup” design.

Although Fairwinds Mfg. was only established last year, Hull has big dreams for his coffee within the cannabis business. “Starbucks is the first name that comes to mind when people want to go grab a cup of coffee. Our goal is for consumers to think of Catapult when they want cannabis infused coffee,” Hull said. Although the notion of cannabis-infused coffee is relatively new, Hull already has competition.

One of the industry’s leading companies, North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc., has introduced The AmeriCanna Café. Though still in the works, the subsidiary is already predicted to be the Starbucks of cannabis. The AmericCanna Café hopes to create a space where high-quality drinks and cannabis can be combined, all under the guidance of a well-educated staff.

In states where marijuana isn’t yet legalized, the café will sell hemp-infused coffee, juice, and smoothies. In states where recreational use has been legalized, THC-infused beverages will be ready to serve. Business ventures like Catapult coffee and The Americana Café are certain to revolutionize our country’s coffee-culture, but is America ready to wake up and smell… the cannabis?

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