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MERRY JANE's Festival Season Packing Guide

The must-have essentials for an elevated Coachella experience.

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This weekend, thousands of celebrities, music enthusiasts, and fashion forward trendsetters will make the annual pilgrimage to the Southern California desert for Coachella.

In honor of the official start of the 2016 festival season, we've put together our guide to an “elevated” festival experience including both practical and weed-related necessities.

The Set-Up

Whether you are camping at Coachella or staying off-site at Base Camp, there’s a slew of items you’ll want to snag including personal hygiene wipes, snacks, beer, and of course, tunes.

Consider the Jammy Pack to take the tunes with you wherever you are.

The harsh desert sun can be rough on the skin. Snag some Coola Sunscreen and Hurraw’s vegan organic lip balm to beat back the rays.

And while you may snicker at first when you see the “stoner kids” with their colorful bandanas wrapped around their sleeves, when the wind picks up (as it will inevitably will) you’ll want to have a kerchief handy. You can also grab a pair of Toms sunglasses to block out both the dust and the sun.

Get Lit

In 1969, the New York Times estimated that 99 percent of the crowd at the 1969 Woodstock were smoking marijuana. Fast forward 50 years and it’s safe to say that THC and music festivals have a deeply intimate relationship .

The sativa dominant AK-47 offers up a creative, social high. It's the perfect strain to vibe out to every note of the festival performance. The Firefly 2 uses convection to vape both bud and concentrates, a discreet and clean alternative to the standard joint.

Looking to ease the pain from your aching muscles after a long day of dancing in the desert sun at Vestal Village? Check out Mary's Medicinal's transdermal CBD patch to mellow out on a cool desert night. One patch = 12 hours of relief.

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