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MERRY JANE Gift Guide: For the Budding Cannabis Chef

Find a gift that the chef in your life really needs.

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Cooking with marijuana has long been a feature of cannabis culture. Some make brownies while others make four-course meals, cannabis-infused smoothies and delicious desserts. When you’re shopping for the budding cannabis chef in your life this holiday season, it can be challenging to know exactly what to get them especially if cooking isn't your strong suit. Want to make crossing them off of your list a little easier? These great gift ideas will do just that. Now get out there and find the perfect present for those who love to cook with the bud.

Julie’s Fresh Granola: $8–10

If the person you’re shopping for is just starting to cook with cannabis, they might not know exactly how to incorporate it into new foods. Luckily, businesses like Julie’s Natural Edibles have a number of marijuana-infused items that can easily be added to recipes. The Fresh Granola in particular will help aspiring chefs looking to add some bud to their breakfasts and their baking. Plus, when they're too busy to whip up a meal, they can always grab this on the go.

The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook: $22.49

Whether they're looking to make a mid-morning brunch or a late-night snack, The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook is the ultimate recipe archive. With its simple and delicious recipes, aspiring cannabis chefs can turn every meal into a gourmet dish. Gifting it would be a great idea on your part too, as the next time you go over for dinner you'll likely end up sampling a few recipes yourself.

Dixie’s Dew Drops: $20–25

If you’re shopping for someone that has more experience in the kitchen, Dixie’s Dew Drop tinctures will definitely do the trick. These drops come in an array of flavors and can be added to recipes to boost their taste. While tinctures are normally used as oral drops, incorporating them in food is quite common. Plus, they're a great addition to meals that don’t require you to use cannabutter.

Green: A Field Guide To Marijuana: $21.15

Something few people seem to know is that strains matter when it comes to cooking with cannabis. Knowing the quality and flavor profiles of each will allow the budding chef in your life to choose the right amount of herb or extract. This book acts as a guide to the world’s most popular strains and even some lesser known ones. While cooking blind may result in decent meals, this book will help your loved one get it right every time.

Infused Nut Butter: $15 (or the cost of supplies)

It can be tough being the chef in the family or a friend group—they get asked to cook everything all the time! This Christmas, why not treat your favorite chef by making something special just for them? We have three different Nut Butter recipes that are super delicious and can be used for just about anything. Plus, who doesn't love receiving a homemade present?

A Soy Wax Scented Candle: $11.95

It can get quite aromatic when you’re making cannabis extracts. While some love the smell of marijuana, others prefer to keep it to a minimum. Soy wax candles can help mask the smell of any marijuana on the stove and keep any nosy neighbors from complaining. Candles can be enjoyed at any time, too, making this an all-around great gift.

A Pot and Strainer: $30

No this isn't a play on words. Using the same strainer and pot for everything can be a bit of a hassle, especially if everything you cook begins to smell like marijuana. Buy your loved one a separate pot and strainer they can use to make their cannabutter and other extracts. They'll definitely appreciate the thought and will likely begin to make cannabis-infused foods more often now that they have designated equipment for it.

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Finding something for the cannabis-inclined chef in your life isn't very difficult. Just ask yourself what you'd need if you enjoyed cooking. Ingredients? Recipes? Equipment? Skip out on the extravagant items and buy something your loved one will be excited to use in the kitchen.

Are you over 18?