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Meet China's Baby Foodie Xiaoman

Xiaoman’s appetite has become the latest Internet Sensation.

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Getting a child to eat is definitely not an issue for the parents of 19-month-old Chinese Internet sensation nicknamed Xiaoman.  

Some parents become desperately creative when it comes to feeding their little humans.  Turning the spoon into an airplane, making choo choo train sounds, or even giving the food a little taste test in front of their child are popular ways to coax a baby into consuming enough food to get essential nutrients.  Xiaoman’s mom only has to put a bowl or plate in front of her and she will go to town.

Xiaoman is anything but a picky eater.  The YouTube page  featuring recorded videos and live streams shows her shoveling anything from noodles and sushi to fruit and vegetables into her tiny face hole.  And don’t even think about denying her a dish without witnessing her wrath.

Her mom has been documenting Xiaoman for a few years and she became widely known throughout China garnering over 700,000 followers on the Chinese video editing and sharing app Meipai.  Xiaoman’s appetite has extended to the portion heavy dinners of Thailand to spicy lunches in India.

As her popularity and appetite gain more steam, Xiaoman is hoping bring her message of mastication and munchies to every country in the world.

Eating is so natural for this little one; a video even features her consuming her lunch while drifting into a blissful slumber.  It brings eating yourself into a food coma to a completely different level.

No speck of food is too small for Xiaoman.  This gluttonous Gerber baby will clean every speck of residue off of her dish like a teensy-weensy Whirlpool washer or diminutive disposal.  Good luck grabbing her attention when she is presented with a plate of palatable provisions.

Stoners across the world know that feeling of incredible desire to chow down on some chips and/or crave a plate of cookies after a nice soothing bong load.  But we have never seen anything like this.  

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