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Join Team MERRY JANE at the 420 Games

Watch live on Facebook to go behind the scenes from the 420 Games!

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The 420 Games is an annual event designed to debunk the stoners stereotype.

The games are a series of athletic events featuring a 4.20 mile course. (Tee hee)

Designed to promote the healthy and responsible use of cannabis, the events take place in California, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon.

On Saturday, March 26 at the historic Santa Monica Pier, Team MERRY JANE will have a booth and compete in the games.

If you'll be there, come out and say hello! We'll also be broadcasting live on Facebook.

We're on Snapchat too: MERRY JANE

The 420 Games were established to show that cannabis users aren't lazy, unmotivated or “stoners” and to de-stigmatize the millions who use cannabis in a healthy and responsible lifestyle.

This is the first-ever cannabis event at the historic Santa Monica Pier. Organizers are expecting to have more than 2,000 race participants.

The race starts at 9:30am and tickets includes access to a beer tasting garden from Lagunitas Brewery, educational speeches, and live music!

Due to local regulations, smoking and vaping are not allowed at the event. It's family and pet friendly, so grab your kids and your pet, and we'll see you tomorrow in Santa Monica.

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