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Big Business, Bad Crops: How to Protect the Integrity of the Marijuana Industry

Say no to Monsanto!

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If your state is one of the dozens that have legalized recreational marijuana over the last few years, believe us, you and your like-minded friends weren’t the only one celebrating.

Big businesses are eyeing the marijuana industry as their next frontier, and who could blame them? States that have embraced legalized marijuana are raking in billions of dollars, and that is only going to increase in coming years. So where there is money being spent, there is money to be made. But that presents a problem as well, as the big players in the GMO industry have their sights on the marijuana market. If an influx of synthetic cannabis is on the horizon, why should you care? 

In this report, MERRY JANE News takes a look at one of the largest corporations on the planet, Monsanto, and delves into how their recent moves are the biggest sign yet that they want to get into the legal grass market. But how will Monsanto, the maker of genetically modified foods and the controversial gardening spray Roundup, affect the industry as it stands today? Will you be passing around Monsanto Marijuana in the near future?  

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