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How a Grateful Dead Show Led to the Creation of Chem Dog and the Kind Bud Movement

Grower Chem Dog tells the bud’s origin story on “Seed to Strain.”

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In this episode of Seed to Strain, MERRY JANE highlights Chem Dog, the OG kind bud from the early 1990s that led to the creation of Sour Diesel and many of the other superb plants that you love to smoke.

Chem Dog, the anonymous Massachusetts developer behind the bud, shares its origin story, which involves a lack of quality cannabis in New England and a chance encounter at a Grateful Dead show. Watch the video to see how Chem Dog came to be. And as a favor to the man who blessed us with it, please be sure to spell it correctly from now on: D-O-G. Got that, dawg?

To see what Chem Dog is up to, check him out on Instagram.

Seed to Strain is a MERRY JANE original series spotlighting the behind-the-scenes people and worlds of growing cannabis. Be sure to check out previous episodes on Sour Diesel, SF Dragon’s Breath, G13, Blue Dream, Pinkman Goo, Granddaddy Purple, AC/DC, and more. Subscribe to MERRY JANE on YouTube to catch all of our original videos on cannabis culture.

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