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Already Been Vaped (ABV) Olive Oil Recipe

A back-to-basics recipe for every canna-chef.

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Already Been Vaped (ABV) cannabis is loaded with intense highs. And just like nose-to-tail cuisine, there are few things more nutritious than not letting sustenance go to waste. I've heard of some people trying to turn ABV into hash and tinctures (burnt popcorn liquor, anyone?) or using combustion which only works mildly whilst sacrificing flavor. However, the most tasteful and appropriate use of your previously vaped flowers is a Mediterranean low heat cooking oil. The ABVs flavor meshes very well with the spicy, peppery notes of most olive oils, and when you finish dishes (yes, olive oil should be used mostly for finishing dishes and adding flavor) the light heat in the last minute of cooking activates a deep layer of cannabinoids. Keep in mind, there's a ton of canola also known as industrial machine lubricant and low-grade vegetable oils masquerading as cheap olive oil. Be sure to choose a nice organic first cold pressed or even better, stone crushed olive oil to maximize flavor and health benefits.

ABV Olive Oil



  1. In a 16 ounce mason jar, combine ingredients and seal the lid. Then wrap the mason jar in a cloth to keep out the light. Store the jar in a cool dry place (sunlight, extreme heat or cold and prolonged exposure to air makes olive oil rancid) for one week or longer. Swirl the jar daily to incorporate ingredients.
  2. Swirl jar lightly before using, and spoon off oil for use in the last minute of cooking. It's best used for low to medium heat cooking to finish sautes and steamed dishes. As you near the bottom of the jar, filter out any particulate with a fine mesh sieve. ABV Olive Oil works great on savory foods like eggs, root vegetables, wild game and poultry.

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