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3 Easy-to-Infuse Nut Butters

A handful of easy DIY recipes for the nut and cannabis lover.

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Infusing nut butters is one of the best ways to make versatile and easy edibles on the go. Peanut butter has become one of the most popular ingredients in edibles because of its ability to compliment (or cover up) the flavor of cannabis and because there are very few people who don’t love peanut butter. While PB gets the spotlight most of the time, you can infuse any type of nut butter or even a no-nut butter if you have nut allergies.

Where To Begin

I’ve found that the tastiest and creamiest infused nut butters come from using a cannabis infused coconut oil or decarboxylated bubble hash as the base. Either whip up a batch of cannabis infused coconut oil or place your hash in an oven preheated to 240°F for about 45 minutes.


For hash infused nut butters, you’ll want to use about 1 gram of decarboxylated bubble hash per cup of peanut butter. This will make two tablespoons of peanut butter an approximate 30mg THC dose depending on the quality of your hash (that dosage assumes about 25% THC for your hash, so you can go from there). If you’re using coconut oil, dosage calculations can get a bit trickier. One teaspoon of the cannabis coconut oil in my kitchen is a dose of about 30mg THC. If you add eight teaspoons of that oil to a cup of peanut butter, two tablespoons of peanut butter will be a 30 mg dose. These numbers are only guidelines to help figure out how much peanut butter to use in edibles recipes. Always start low and go slow when it comes to taste testing new edibles.  

Out of the Jar Infusion

This is one of the easiest ways to infuse your nut butter using either hash or cannabis infused coconut oil. You just heat up the peanut butter, melt in the coconut oil (or hash) and voila! You’re ready to go.


  1. In a small saucepan, over low heat, combine:

1 16oz. Jar of Organic Peanut / Cashew / Almond  (or Sunflower Seed / No-Nut Butter) 8 tsp. Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil or 1 gram Decarboxylated Hash

  1. Stir frequently until melted and combined.
  2. Pour into glass jars. Cool and seal with tight fitting lids.
  3. Use immediately (on Ants on a Log or toast) or store in the refrigerator or freezer for long term use.

Fresh Ground Cannutbutter

There’s probably nothing in the world better than fresh ground nut butter infused with cannabis. This nutritious edible ingredient is equally amazing on apple slices and homemade peanut butter cups.


  1. In your Vitamix or food processor, begin grinding:

2 Cups of Your Favorite Nut (or seed)... I love roasted peanuts, raw or roasted cashews and roasted sunflower seeds. 

  1. When it looks like nothing is happening, be patient and keep going. Scrape down the sides of the food processor or Vitamix and give it time. Don’t add water or milk.
  2. Once the nut butter is getting smooth, add:

8 tsp. Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil or 1 gram Decarboxylated Hash

  1. Process until creamy.
  2. Spoon into glass jars and seal with tight fitting lids.
  3. Use immediately or store in the refrigerator or freezer for long term use.

Powdered PB Powerhouse

Powdered peanut butters (like PB2 and Just Good Stuff) are all the rage these days and can be great for whipping up small batches of easy edibles with cannabis infused coconut oil. Infused powdered peanut butter is best used right after you make it. Time in the refrigerator can make it go very stiff and hard to spread. The taste is different from regular peanut butter so adding cinnamon or raisins to the mix and spreading it on toast or a rice cake can enhance the flavor.  


  1. Where the instructions of your powdered peanut butter call for mixing with water, add melted cannabis coconut oil instead.
  2. Whisk briskly and use immediately.

Photos by Corinne Tobias.

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