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10 Business Moguls Who are Probably Celebrating 420

These powerful public figures are friends of the flower.

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The thought of smoking cannabis and working has always been taboo in most workplaces but in this modern age its becoming more and more acceptable. With more states passing laws to allow cannabis in some form (medical, recreational) it’s becoming common to be a cannabis user.

Here are some business moguls who are looking into the financial benefits the industry has to offer in no specific order.

Bill Gates –  Microsoft
With the wealthiest man in the world backing legalization in his state it’s no wonder that Washington followed suit by being one of the first states to legalize marijuana recreationally. While Gates has said in the past he's tried both marijuana and LSD it’s good to note that he probably did this before or when he founded Microsoft so it's safe to say marijuana fuels some great ideas.

Richard Branson – Virgin Group
Richard Branson is one of the most widely known CEO's in the world. He's very active with social media so it's good to know that he fully supports legalization. The Virgin Group founder is currently supporting progressive reform on cannabis laws especially ensuring the tax dollars are going to services such as drug treatment. With all this work he still has time to blow smoke with his son on vacation and to be a well-known joint roller.

Sean Parker- Facebook
One of the people who co-founded Facebook, Sean Parker, donated over $100k to support legal marijuana in California in a 2010 ballot measure which lost narrowly. He is responsible for being Facebook's first president and placing it as one of the biggest social media ventures in its first few years. It's great to see that Facebook co-founder likes to support legal cannabis and will hopefully see it legal in his timeline soon.

Oprah Winfrey –  OWN
Oprah Winfrey is one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the world and while she hasn't come forth about smoking lately she did "Plead the Fifth" to saying the last time she smoked was 1982 before the rise of her stardom. She then goes on to say that "I hear it's gotten better." It's great to hear that in over 30 years she's noticed that that quality of strength is rising.

John Mackey –  Whole Foods
The Whole Foods founder has been known to support the legalization of cannabis for years and with the industry possibly taking leaps in the near future it’s possible to see cannabis in Whole Foods. When asked on a panel of Whole Foods would ever sell cannabis, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey reportedly said only if the plant was legal to use and the local community approved.

Huge Hefner – Playboy
For a man who lives his life around beautiful women it's only proper to smoke fine herb as well. Hugh Hefner lives a life that many would love to live and has been known to use cannabis to make sex more rewarding. The business mogul has been a cannabis advocate for years and even funded The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws in California back in 1970.

John Sperling – University of Phoenix
The former CEO of the University of Phoenix and cancer survivor would often use cannabis to help manage the side effects from it. His funding to support legalization has been very extensive and it would be great to see cannabis in the school’s curriculum in the near future.

George Zimmer – Men’s Wearhouse Founder
Another business mogul who advocates cannabis use is Men's Wearhouse founder, George Zimmer, who is well known for his appearances and slogan in the commercials. He has been using cannabis regularly for over 50 years while running one of the most successful men's clothing stores across the country. He is also a firm supporter for this coming November's California ballot measure, Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA).

Bernie Sanders  – Presidential Candidate 
Senator Bernie Sanders has been promoting cannabis vigorously the last few months while candidate for Democratic nomination and it's strikes well with the younger crowd. Senator Sanders is pushing for reform to allow budget increases from cannabis tax and using the money from the war on cannabis crimes elsewhere. He is all in for recreational use and with him possibly running for President in the future the advocacy will push cannabis into higher positions.

Bethany Frankel – TV Reality Star
The reality TV star is making waves and is all for cannabis by launching her own cannabis infused line in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington called, "Skinnygirl Marijuana." According to multiple reports its suppose to take after Frankel's Skinny girl cocktail company (which she sold for a reported $100 million in 2011) but by engineering marijuana strains that won't give you the "munchies." Frankel see's the industries possible commercial success after a visit to aspen calling a dispensary she went like "#GAP".

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