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Man Cries Tears of Joy After Being Gifted Giant Bag of Weed for Christmas

The true meaning of Christmas is giving.

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Few people had a better Christmas morning than one man captured on video. In a viral video posted by World Star Hip Hop on Christmas day, a woman presented her boyfriend with a large bag of weed in. He reacted with the same elation of a child tearing up a wrapped Playstation 4 on Christmas morning.

The woman decided to record her stoner boyfriend's reaction upon realizing that his Christmas gift was a huge bag of weed. His face dramatically changes when he pulls a huge bag of weed out of his gift bag. “Oh, Hell No!” he shouted with joy, tearing the knot out of the bag.

The Christmas-themed green onesie and his Santa Claus cap make the video even more hilarious. “She's a keeper,” one man confidently commented on YouTube.

The gift of weed is the only way to guarantee this kind of excitement on Christmas day from any marijuana user. According to a recent report from the marijuana software firm Baker, marijuana Christmas gifts are more popular than ever.

Marijuana sales skyrocketed an average of 21 percent in seven states where recreational or medical marijuana is legal including Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington. Edible gifts made the top of the list.

Next year, be sure to give your stoner girlfriend or boyfriend what they really want- a giant bag of weed. As the hardcore punk band Common Enemy once sang, “All I Want for Christmas is a Bag of Weed!”

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