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G Perico Globetrots and Cools on the Beach in “Bacc Forth” Music Video

Perico may be an old soul, but his youthful joy is palpable.

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Compton’s G Perico is a throwback in the best sense of the word. He’s an L.A. street rapper in the classic tradition whose music sounds like the city’s past 25 years of hip-hop thrown in a blender, with elements of G-funk, ratchet, and jerk all present from time-to-time. This reputation also extends to Perico’s appearance, as he’s one of the few (if not the only) jheri-curled rapper that’s come out in the past five years, and he tends to stay away from fashion trends, usually opting for the tried-and-true white tee, jeans, and Nikes combo.

Perico’s latest release is All Blue, an album that dropped back in April with a cover that shows him mean-mugging with his hair up in curlers. It builds on last year’s breakout success Shit Don’t Stop, but whereas that album paired Perico with several guest rappers and big-name producers like Scott Storch and TDE’s Dave Free, All Blue is a more insular affair, produced mostly by a stable of under-the-radar hometown talent and containing only two features (Sonny Digital and Polyester The Saint). By and large, the album’s best tracks are produced by guys who haven’t quite broken out nationally yet, and “Bacc Forth” is no exception. 

The breezy, pan-flute-accented cut is All Blue’s penultimate cut, a wind down from all of the hard-hitting funk that precedes it. It was produced by Long Beach’s Westside Webb, who popped up a few times on Perico’s past projects, but is on the verge of blowing up in 2017, also producing gems for out-of-towners like the Bay’s Nef The Pharaoh and Detroit’s Tee Grizzley.

Today, we’ve got the “Bacc Forth” video, and in it, Perico takes a break from his usual formula of videos set in Compton, instead hitting the beach, the airport, and NYC. Outside of the hi-res beach scenes, the rest of the video acts as a tribute to his retro persona, shot with grainy old cameras and even switching to a vintage square aspect ratio at times.

Perico may be an old soul, but while travelling around like a star in this video, his youthful joy is palpable. 

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