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"Frisby The Cat: Jamaica'n Me Fribsy": A Special Edition of Our Comic Series

In honor of Jamaica Week, this week's installment focuses not on firedog hero Frisbee F.D., but rather his blunt-smoking, dolphin-riding feline sidekick during a visit to the island nation.

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In our comic series Frisbee F.D., we follow the escapades of a weed-loving firedog who works in a town that hasn't seen smoke rise from anywhere but a blunt in over 300 years. However, for this special Jamaica Week edition of the strip, we're switching things up to tell a quick tale about Frisbee's THC-addled sidekick, Frisby the Cat. 

Frisby isn't just a cutie patootie. This cat puts the pussy in "Pussy, Money, Weed." And on a recent trip to the marijuana mecca of Jamaica, the lil furball visits a mountain made of dank-ass nugs!!! Enjoy this trippy narrative and Jah bless, courtesy of illustrator Brian Blomerth and artist Kate Levitt.

Visit Brian Blomerth's website here to see more of his work.

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