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Frisbee F.D. Goes "Full Canadian" in This Week's Weed Comic

Frisbee heads to the Great White North to celebrate cannabis legalization in this week's comic. As he'll tell you, "Canada is a strange and beautiful country — if you're pure of heart!"

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In our comic strip Frisbee F.D., we follow the escapades of a weed-loving firedog who works in a town that hasn't seen smoke rise from anything but a blunt in over 300 years. Regardless, our protagonist has dedicated his life to getting high and protecting his community — in that order!

In this week's special edition, Frisbee brings the toking teen deliquents up north to prove that "Canada is a real place!" Who knew?

Apparently it's also a place that now has — wait for it... wait for it... hold that smoke in just a little longer — LEGAL GRASS! WHOA DOGGY!

To help teach the teens about THC in the territories, there's a special cameo from Frisbee's marijuana mountie cousin, Leafslee. With his oversight, the crew will truly, finally nuck if you buck. Let's cheers to that, mate! 

Peep the full comic below, which was created by the inimitable illustrator Brian Blomerth. And for more Frisbee F.D., visit the previous installment here.

Visit Brian Blomerth's website to see more of his tripped-out work, and follow him on Instagram

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