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Fake News and the Celebrities Who Promote It

So many followers, so few fact-checks. :(

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Most of us have been a victim of fake news at some point in the last few years. But, it’s how we deal with fake news that matters. Hopefully, you either check your sources, Snopes, or just wait for more information before sharing an article. If you’re like everyone’s conspiracy theory-loving, email-chain-forwarding uncle, you probably don’t. If you’re a celebrity, you’ve definitely got no business (or time) sharing bogus stories when you could just post a selfie and get thousands of likes!

When famous people post fake news, it’s dangerous to their brand and credibility but also, more important, it’s dangerous for our larger, celebrity-obsessed society. Impressionable fans and followers willing to believe every tweet from their favorite stars may take action on phony stories in the vein of PizzaGate. So, before you go RT-ing that bizarre theory that a gorgeous Insta-model just posted, just know that celebs can be victims of news fakery too.

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