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Facebook for Cannabis Lovers Launches an IPO

Known for changing the mind of Apple, the Mass Roots app is now going public.

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“As the repeal of cannabis prohibition continues to gain steam on a national level, the fact that the SEC is allowing companies directly related to the pot industry is worth noting.”

Originally banned from the Apple store for its ganja-centric content, the application Mass Roots called upon users and others in the tech industry to rally support against the media giant and successfully won their appeal. In January 2015, Apple lifted its regulations prohibiting cannabis social networking applications, allowing such items back into its app store–provided that users were in green states. 

The app then had to deal with competition that arose from the public battle, but Mass Roots is still coming out on top by opening an IPO, which can be found under the ticker symbol MSRT.  The site is picking up momentum from the force behind legalization efforts.

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