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Taking It in the Trump: Everything the President Did Last Week (July 25th, 2017)

From Sean Spicer’s resignation to Kushner’s limp assertion that he did “not collude” with Russia, the past week has been packed full of controversies for Trump’s increasingly unstable administration.

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Last week, Donald Trump desperately tried to woo the country’s attention away from the ensuing Russian probe and back onto his divisive agenda by announcing “Made in America Week.” This seven-day celebration sought to showcase homemade products from each of the 50 states, but the president and his administration were unable to shake the pressure that has mounted from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. As the president has tried to intimidate the former FBI director in an attempt to keep him from peering too closely into his financial and political affairs, the continuous downpour of information continues to paint Trump in a damning light. Below, we've gathered a handful of updates from over the past week that continue to underscore just how insane the 45th president's adminstration truly is.

Russian Roulette: Kushner & Trump Jr. to Testify, Putin Meets Trump in Secret

Special Counsel Muller Expands Scope of Russian Investigation

Pardon Me, I’m The President

A Fond Farewell to Sean Spicer

Congressional Recap: Health Care Overhaul Fails, Russian Sanctions Passed

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