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Taking It in the Trump: Everything the President Did This Week (Feb. 19, 2017)

The Donald’s disastrous presidency keeps getting worse and more absurd every day. You better keep up.

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From a national security disgrace to a massive press conference disaster, this past week was undoubtedly the most difficult for President Donald Trump and his cronies. Not even one full month into his presidency, both international and domestic tensions have skyrocketed (as well as Trump's blood pressure). Needless to say, many of us have had a hard time coping with the amateur act that is the Donald J. Trump presidency (or is it intentionally destructive?). Seeing how things played out this week, it doesn’t seem like the outlandish and frightening sideshow will be simmering down anytime soon. To keep you up to date with the unhinged president and his administration, here’s our weekly recap of everything you need to know about the Trump tornado.


Hey Flynn, You’re Fired!

The Press Conference From Hell


Puzder Pulls Out


Obey or Get Out of Our Way


The War on Drugs Is Reignited


Divide and Conquer


Putting the “Brief” in Intelligence Briefing


Stirring up Trouble Around the Globe


No Laughing Matter


How to Battle Back

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