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Taking It in the Trump: Everything the President Did Last Week (April 3, 2017)

A rundown of all of the BS committed by the president and his administration in the final days leading up to spring.

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With his inability to unite a Republican-controlled Congress and the ongoing Russian probe breathing down his thick neck, last week was one of the worst yet for Donald Trump and his nefarious administration. While the outcome of the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia remains unclear, the White House has been acting increasingly guilty and erratic. As a swirling shitstorm of alleged treason, deceit, nepotism, and unprecedented ineptitude continues to plague the 45th administration, it’s hard to keep up with avalanche of controversy. Here’s an in-depth recap to get you up to speed before a new week of BS begins.    

Looming Russian Ties Has Trump in a Knot

Republicans Start to Turn on Nunes

Michael Flynn: Immunity Denied

An Administration Running Rampant with Fear

The Health Care Debacle Unfolds

Your Internet Privacy was Sold Away by the GOP

Trump Flees Presidential Responsibility for the Golf Course

Stirring Trouble Around the Globe

The Despicable Irony of Sexual Harassment Awareness Month

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