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This Is What It's Like Inside Ermont Dispensary in Quincy, Massachusetts

Join MERRY JANE News on a tour of Ermont dispensary’s grow operation and kitchen.

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Behind every pot plant and product is a person, and every one of us has a personal story of how and why we came to cannabis. For Jack Hudson, CEO of the Ermont Dispensary in Quincy, Massachusetts, it began with the horrific events of 9/11. After years of treating his PTSD with pharmaceutical drugs, he discovered the healing properties of marijuana in California, which lead to him opening his own dispensary, determined to provide access to others in need.

Join MERRY JANE News correspondent Brooke Burgstahler as she takes a tour of the Ermont Dispensary grow operation and kitchen with Hudson and Head Chef Keith Brooks, who share their stories. Learn how plants are being cultivated and monitored, telling their own tales. And see how patients’ personal experiences and needs have helped shape what’s cooking at Ermont, with a special glimpse as Chef Brooks’ medicated pizza-making process

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