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How to Find Bliss in a Relationship With Someone Who Has Different Weed Preferences Than You

Mother Knows Best helps you bake up, not break up.

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Dear Mother,

My husband and I are at the opposite ends of the weed spectrum and it’s gotten to the point where we have to smoke separately, which kind of sucks, to be honest. He prefers strong sativa strains whereas I prefer a nice solid indica, since all a sativa accomplishes for me is a speedy heart and paranoia—NOT enjoyable! Can opposites attract when it comes to marijuana? It would be nice to share a bowl with my husband again. What can we do?

— Worried Wife


Dear Wifey,

Ah, the age-old marital dilemma of differing cannabis personalities. The saying is clearly true in your case: Opposites attract. And while sometimes that can spice things up, other times it can be a real downer. That said, have no fear for your relationship, as I have a few simple suggestions—that I’ve used myself—that can have you two lovebirds getting high together in no time.

The first obvious suggestion would be to try some hybrids. While you both may favor particular strains, perhaps you can find common ground with something that’s a little bit sativa and a little bit indica. This way, both of you can find strains that highlight the qualities of the type of cannabis you prefer while experiencing a little of what your partner is into. Think of this as the ultimate compromise.

Some favorites of mine that also tend to get the green thumb of approval from both sativa fans and indica heads alike include Girl Scout Cookies, White Widow, Bubble Gum, Sour OG, Jillybean, and Tangerine Dream. These are only a few of the tasty hybrids out there that might satisfy both you and your husband.

If you’re both real sticklers for your types and don’t even want to consider hybrids, there are some other things you might try. One thing my partner and I do when we want to smoke different strains but share the smoking experience is use two separate stems with our bong. In our house, we each have our own slide bowls that we’re responsible for. We clean them and use them independently of each other. That way, I can use a nice CBD strain like Harlox to quell my anxiety while my husband packs his full of Citrix. We pass the bong back and forth but swap out our own slide bowls. Even though we’re smoking different strains, it feels like the shared experience we prefer.

This method is wonderful if you have a tendency—like someone I know—to drop, crack, or break bong slide bowls on a regular basis. Extra parts can run anywhere from an affordable $10 or more depending on the complexity or craftsmanship of the piece. And, of course, you need to make sure to buy ones that fit your existing bong. This is a much cheaper method than shelling out to each have your own personal bowl or bong, which can feel isolating anyway.

Another thing that has helped my relationship is to make sure everything is labeled. There’s nothing worse than someone packing a bowl, expecting a cerebral high, only to be couch-locked 20 minutes later. A well-organized cannabis storage system goes a long way in preventing this from happening to you or your partner.

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You can either keep your cannabis separate—his and hers stash boxes?—or you can meticulously label and store your greens, so you know whose stash is whose. Maybe you have a color-coded system where the jars or baggies that belong to you are highlighted in a bright orange and his are bright purple. Or maybe you share a cabinet and keep all of your stuff on the top shelf and he gets the bottom. Regardless of the method you implement, make sure to stick to it to avoid any mix-ups!

I hope some of these options work for you and your hubby and you’re enjoying some ganja together soon!

— Mother

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