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Listen to Devendra Banhart’s new single “Saturday Night”

A different kind of groove.

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It might be Monday afternoon, but former folk shaman Devendra Banhart’s new single is called “Saturday Night.” It is the second single off the Ape In Pink Marble  LP releasing later this month, his first full length album since 2013’s Mala.

The first single, “Middle Names,” was much more typical of Banhart’s sound (perhaps a tad more subdued), consisting mainly of layered acoustic guitars and muted vocals. “Saturday Night” however, ushers in new elements to his musicianship. Synths, slow and twinkly, drive the song along as a digital percussive blip echoes lonelily in the background. It is both abstract and polished at the same time, once again exemplifying the talent that Devendra Banhart possesses. He is full of surprises.

Listen to “Saturday Night”.  If it enchants you as it did us, pre-order Ape In Pink Marble via Nonesuch Records.


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