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The Surprising Reason Behind Desiigner's Infectious Positivity

The Brooklyn rapper chops it up with Snoop Dogg in the latest “GGN” teaser.

With his 2016 breakout hit “Panda,” Brooklyn rapper Desiigner put black-and-white bears on people’s lips more than National Geographic, Jack Hannah, PETA, and Jack Black combined. (“Panda, panda, panda, panda!” You know.) Emerging with a mumble-licious, sing-songy trap vibe, Sidney Royel Selby III had listeners unpacking his lyrics and loving the rah-rah energy of his music and live performances. Kanye West, his most famous fan, signed him to GOOD Music in Feb. 2016 and featured him on The Life of Pablo. Since the June 2016 release of his New English mixtape, Desiigner, now 20, has been touring, acting, working in fashion, and preparing his debut album, The Life of Desiigner.

On the latest episode of GGN, Desiigner stops by the studio to talk to Snoop about life on GOOD Music, his infectious energy, how he went from having suicidal thoughts to spreading positivity, acting, his work in fashion, and much more. Plus, Snoop has a special surprise for him. And, of course, there are plenty of sound effects. Rrrraaaaaahhhh!!

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