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Deerhoof Releases Trippy Stop-Motion Video For New Track

Watch the video for “The Devil and his Anarchic Surrealist Retinue” below.

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Since they started their experimental rock band in 1994, the San Francisco-based musicians in Deerhoof have brought their genre-defying mixture of noise, punk rock, and avant-garde jazz around the world. The band, which currently includes musicians John Dieterich, Satomi Matsuzaki, Ed Rodriguez, and Greg Saunier, hasn’t slowed their roll at all during their 20+ years on the Indie music circuit. After releasing their twelfth studio album in 2014, La Isla Bonita, the band is back at it with a new LP. Their new album called The Magic was just released on Polyvinyl on June 24.   

To accompany the release of their newest album, Deerhoof has also shared a music video for their new song “The Devil and his Anarchic Surrealist Retinue”, the opening track on The Magic. The music video, which was directed by videographer and musician Joseph Baughman, is a surreal take on stop-motion improv that drops viewers into a world filled with spontaneity and bright colors. The video features clay monstrosities, a fleeing army of chess pieces, and a wondrous neon backdrop hosting a strange sacrificial ritual, creating the perfect setting for the equally electrifying track.

The song itself features bright vocals by bassist and singer Satomi Matsuzaki, which float over the lustrous progressive guitar leads and rumbling drum beat that initiate the track. As the colorful clay crawls across the screen, the instrumentals brings you into an exciting place that will keep your foot tapping and your eyes wide. As “The Devil and his Anarchic Surrealist Retinue” progresses on, it suddenly bridges back-and-forth from the robust beat into a calmer storm of sound. The track certainly stands out on its own, but Baughman’s colorful stop-motion world complements it perfectly.

Deerhoof will be touring all around North America and Europe throughout the rest of the year. You can scope out all of the dates and more on the band’s website.

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