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Deep Fried: Johnny Knoxville and the “Action Point” Crew’s 4/20 Corn Dog Recipe

The team behind “Jackass” is heading back to the silver screen with “Action Point,” a no-holds-barred look at the world’s most dangerous amusement park. And everybody’s gotta eat, right?

Johnny Knoxville has spent the last few decades taking and inflicting more abuse than most humans could even imagine. And now, after the Big Brother videos, Jackass, Bad Grandpa, and enough shots to the family jewels to sterilize a rabid moose, Knoxville is finally ready to up the ante.

At 47 years old, Knoxville’s newest film is his boldest yet. In theaters this summer, Action Point is a scripted comedy about the owner of a failing amusement park who’s determined to keep his business open, as long as he doesn’t have to add seat belts or safety precautions to the rides.

But while most Hollywood pictures might employ the use of green screens or stunt doubles, Knoxville and Jackass co-star Chris Pontius did all of Action Point’s stunts themselves, flying off of rickety wooden rides and ending up in the hospital multiple times each throughout the production process.

To celebrate 4/20, MERRY JANE teamed up with Knoxville and the Action Point team to teach you a stoney twist on one of our favorite deep-fried amusement park munchies — the corn dog.

Starting with some hot oil and ground oregano (or ganja, whatever works for you), you’ll be frying up summertime memories in no time.

Once you’ve got your dogs all golden and crispy, fire up your favorite strain and start counting the days before you can watch Knoxville and Pontius bust their asses on the big screen.

Action Point hits theaters across the country June 1st. Peep the full trailer below:

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