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Would You Smoke Michael Phelps?

From Cat Piss, to God’s Vagina, MERRY JANE News rounds up the most strangely named weed strains.

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They say you can’t shouldn’t a book by its cover, but should you judge a strain of weed by its name? Well, that all depends.

If there is one characteristic that most stoners share, it’s that we can be extremely creative when it comes to choosing names for the weed we consume. There are hundreds upon hundreds of nicknames for strains of cannabis, and while some of them are relatively tame (Nothern Lights), some of them sound as if Willy Wonka himself may have named them (Shishkaberry).

But, a few of our favorite strains go above and beyond ditching the colorful, fruitful names for ones that evoke shock and vulgarity. Thankfully, some of the effects of these strains are just as interesting as their given names.

MERRY JANE News took a look at some of the weirdest names for weed strains out there, and be sure to let us know if you’ve had the pleasure of toking up with any of these innovative strains, and of course if the name matches up with the flavor.

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