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The Worst Cannabis-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Don’t get tricked into wearing any of these.

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There is no reason not to show your love for ganja on All Hallows Eve, the trippiest holiday of them all. It’s just that there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. The Halloween costume industrial complex has produced its fair share of marijuana-inspired costumes over the years. Some of them have been dope, but many of them have been terrible. From the tacky to the cheap to the completely offensive, here are some of the worst examples of Halloween costumes marketed to those with a taste for the green.


Head Nurse

Weed is supposed to make you more creative, a bit of an outside-the-box thinker. If you’ve got a penchant for smoking, and the best you can do is the same old tired sexy nurse outfit with a smoked-out twist, you need to try a new strain.


Baked Potato

Ironically, if you dress as a baked potato, the only “lays” you’re going to get are your chopped-up brethren in a plastic bag.


Pot Leaf

Ladies, there is nothing wrong with showing off that beach bod you’ve cultivated well into Fall, but there has to be a more creative move than this.


Weed Man

Ah yes, “Weed Man,” that very real superhero that isn’t at all just made up because they had extra superhero costume fabric left over.


Rasta Girl 420 Weed Flag

Don’t fuck with the American flag, obviously, but feel free to fuck with any other country’s flag, asserting whatever stereotypes you want. God bless the USA!


Joint Venture Suit

Everyone at the masquerade will reject this initial public offering.


Brownie Girl

Infantilization + bad pun = very much not lit.


The Grim Reefer

Nothing is more dead than this joke.


Rasta Mon

As bad as blackface? No. Still a good call? Fuck no.


THC Cheerleader

Give me a “W!” Give me an “E!” Fuck it, just give me a hit.



We’re aware of the stoner stereotype of not putting in much effort, but this is ridiculous.


Pothead Redux

Also no.


Pothead Take 3

Just stop.

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