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Wiz Khalifa Joins Conan O’Brien to Get High and Play “Gears Of War 4”

Wiz and Conan have an intimate smoke sesh and play video games together in this hilarious "Clueless Gamer" skit.

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After spending the entire summer prodviding a contact high to a good chunk of America with Snoop Dogg on The High Road Tour, Wiz Khalifa is looking to turn down with a blunt and some video games. Wiz recently joined talkshow host extraordinaire Conan O’Brien to test out Gears of War 4, the action-packed game that releasing October 7 on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. 

Looking to mellow out the violent gameplay featured in the forthcoming title, Conan decided to call on the chill vibes of Wiz Khalifa in his latest “Clueless Gamer” skit. Almost immediately after introducing the cannabis-centric rapper into the scene, Wiz pulled out his blunt full of “vegetables” and began toking. He even rolled one specially for Conan. While Mr. O'Brien refrained at first, he eventually succumbed to the trippy sci-fi background story of the game, leading him to light up and take a big ol' puff. 

During the gaming and ganja sesh, they discussed Conan becoming Wiz's hype man, how skinny Wiz is ("I'm worried about you!"), and the best way to rip a robotic tyrannosaurus rex’s head off. With Wiz was smoking up a storm a the entire sketch, Conan kept the high (and our attention span) alive by bringing out his witty banter, as well as a vat of potato salad to quell the inevitable munchies

“You realize the fire department has been here six times right?” Conan O’Brien tell Wiz as he lights another one up for the umpteenth time.

Both Wiz and Conan seemed to enjoy their “high-end” gaming experience, and although the relaxed rapper was brought in to keep things mellow, he certainly had an affinity for his gigantic gun and fucking his enemy’s “lunch up”.  All in all, the “Clueless Gamer” skit was a match made in cannabis heaven, especially if you're a fan of homemade potato salad, third-person shooter video games, or seeing one of television's funniest people get high with the biggest stoner in hiphop. This one hit all the right notes. 

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