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Why Are So Many Animals Getting Stoned?

There has been an increase in the number of animals who are accidentally getting stoned.

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Animals are getting high increasingly often, it seems, in part thanks to liberalizing attitudes on marijuana.

Sheep, for instance, may have eaten cannabis fly-tipped on a Swansea Valley road in Wales prompting the county councillor to fear a sheep-led “psychotic rampage” in his Welsh village.

County councillor Ioan Richard said the animals likely ate the cannabis and had already been causing problems in the Welsh village.

"There is already a flock of sheep roaming the village causing a nuisance,” Mr. Richard said. “They are getting in people's gardens and one even entered a bungalow and left a mess in the bedroom.” Sounds cute, not terrifying.

Mr. Richard’s feared that the rest of the flock would discover the remains of the cannabis at Rhydypandy in Swansea Valley, South Wales.

He said: "I dread to think what will happen if they eat what could well be cannabis plants – we could have an outbreak out of psychotic sheep rampaging through the village." The police were notified.

"I told the council officers to make sure it was reported to the police before removing any evidence of what looks like the dumped remains of a cannabis growing establishment,” Mr. Richard, who might suffer from ovinaphobia or maybe cannabiphobia (or both), elucidated. The fly-tipped waste was promptly removed.

These sheep aren’t the only animals to get into pot.  

A deer in southern Oregon, known as Sugar Bob, is “a medical marijuana farm deer that spends its day nibbling on fallen pot leaves and the occasional bud,” according to Oregon Public Broadcasting.

“When I’m down here, he either stays pretty close to me or he’ll go in the trim room and just get on the bed,” grower Richard Davis told OPB. “He cleans up all the stuff off the floor, so he’s ready for a nap.” Davis has even taken a nap with the deer, who also serves as a companion to the grower’s dog.

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