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You Know About 4/20, But What’s Up With 7/10?

All you need to know about “The Day of Dabs.”

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We know you definitely know all about 4/20, but have you heard of 7/10? While April 20th continues to be the world’s biggest celebration of cannabis, during which weed-lovers come out in droves to share a high and express their support for the plant, in recent years, July 10 has become the weed world’s No. 2 holiday and a day to revel in marijuana concentrates and extracts.

This more niche holiday, also known as “The Day of Dabs,” finds revelers hooking up their rigs, firing up their torches, and consuming wax, shatter, crumble, budder, and hash to their heart’s delight.

Watch the MERRY JANE News report above to find out the origin of the celebration, the rumored meanings of 710, and the best ways that you can celebrate The Day of Dabs.