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What You Need to Smoke Outdoors During Winter

Use these essential items to ensure inclement weather never keeps you from your cannabis.

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During the winter months, many of us attempt to avoid the frigid, inclement weather and get stoned and comfortable next to the fireplace, radiator, space heater, or open oven. For those of you who actually enjoy going out to snowboard, build snowmen, or do other winter activities, lighting your piece can prove difficult. These essential winter items will make sure you enjoy your pot in harsh winter conditions.

ANEX Slash Gloves

The ANEX “Slash” gloves contain a waterproof concealed stash pocket/hand warmer pocket on the outside to keep your backup smoking necessities. The glove itself features a breathable bag with Warm Max insulation to keep your digits nice and toasty.

Snoop Dogg G Pen

Dogg teamed up with Grenco Science on the first in a collection of releases that he helped design. Featuring a design of the streets of Long Beach, the G Pen is perfect for outdoor winter activities which can allow you to burn in a variety of weather patterns.

The G Pen has received stellar reviews, with mainly five-star ratings since its release. Comments range from “Best invention ever!” to it being “The best vaporizer I’ve ever used.” One customer admitted her husband refers to it as her “Snoop Whistle.” Many customers rave that the pen is easy to use and are thankful for the long battery life.

The pen is made with a stainless steel outer encasement and includes a rechargeable battery, USB charger, adaptor, cleaning brush and tips, and glass sleeves.

In the words of Snoop: “What’s fly about the vaporizer movement is that it’s clean and convenient.”

Click-N-Hit Self-Lighting Pipe

The Click-N-Hit self-lighting pipe is small and discreet and allows for casual smoking anywhere and comes in three sections.

The first piece is an adjustable windproof butane torch lighter and recommends high-quality butane for the best experience. The second piece is an air chamber that allows for a continuous flow of oxygen in order to keep a steady burn. The chamber is protected by an air screen to prevent flower from falling into the chamber. The last piece is a loading section topped with a rubber mouthpiece with a carbon filter to keep the smoke pure and protected.

The Click-N-Hit is an essential tool to burn flower in the middle of a snow flurry and is available in black, red, and blue.

Coffee Mug Pipe

The only thing more refreshing than a fresh, hot cup of coffee on a brisk winter morning is a huge bong rip. Wake-and-bakes are essential to every stoner’s morning, whatever winter activity you plan on getting into. The Coffee Mug Pipe allows you to drink your morning cup of coffee to give you a boost for the day, then easily pack your bowl when you’re ready to come back down again.

After the last drop of brew is consumed, the handle easily unscrews and transforms into your bowl piece. The durable stainless steel body extends into a 2½ -foot chamber! The Coffee Mug Pipe is the essential tool of convenience.

Black Rock Safety Case

The Black Rock Safety Case is a smell-proof stash box for your smoking and vaping tools and is an essential accessory whether you’re snowboarding or just trudging through snow. The small storage unit fits in your back pocket and includes a glass strap, an elastic band for a lighter, a metal stabby-pokey, and a small pouch with a plastic container to fit your product and keep the luscious scent to a bare minimum.