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Watch Politic's ‘Division” Video

Good old fashioned bi-partisan skateboarding.

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Based in Albany, NY, the Politic. brand has been a champion of East Coast skateboarding for some time now. They’ve been steadily building their team, the latest to go pro being the bearded Taylor Nawrocki, whose first graphics pay homage to both Harambe and the most popular Chad Muska board of all time.

Transworld has thankfully shared the first full-length video from Politic. Danny Renaud kicks the video off, and while the quality of the skating is doesn’t hold a torch to his Mosaic and Static parts of yesteryear, it is extremely impressive to see a full part from him considering the extent of his injuries resulting from a fall from a 9th story balcony back in 2008.
Parts from Steve Durante, Derm, Dom Henry (who absolutely STOMPS every trick) Joshua Bos, Kevrick Evans, and Taylor Nawrocki.  Dave Caddo closes out the video out with much quick-footed trickery. Perhaps the major highlight of Division is the soundtrack, which delights with its eclecticism, and includes cuts from Grover Washington Jr., Wings, and Gang Starr.
Watch Division here, at the very least it’ll make you want to get out and skate.

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