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Warriors Skateboards and Colour Group Visit Japan

Swiss skateboarders pay tribute to Japanese influence by trekking and shredding.

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Japanese soil and style have left very big cultural imprints on the international skateboard scene over the last decade. Even some of the most progressive of independent American skate videos like Colin Read’s “Tengu: God of Mischief” or his more recent “Spirit Quest” adopt elements of Far East-influenced trickery and editing. This being said, the respective Swiss shredders of Warriors Skateboards and Colour Group recently gathered up their funds and friends to pay a visit to the Land of the Rising Sun and embark upon their very own skate journey.

The resulting video just premiered on Live Skateboard Media and features likes of Henrique Goncalves, Igor Fardin, Michael Brunner, and more. LSM is also currently featuring a digital photo gallery of the trip shot by skate photographer Alan Maag

Watch "The Warriors & Colour Group in Japan" here

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