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Vincent Touzery Channels His Inner Skate Wolf in “Spirit Quest” Part

Animal instincts make for great street skateboarding.

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If you haven’t purchased or checked out Colin Read’s Spirit Quest video yet, there’s yet another salivating reason to: Vincent Touzery. The French rider is an absolute animal on the board, and his latest part, among others, to be released to the public shows just that.

Intermixed with footage of wolves hunting prey, Touzery’s part is equally as stunning and intense. Who the hell starts with a wallie off of a rail and down into a hill bomb? Vincent does, and holy smokes is it amazing! Tribal drums sonically introduce the part and get the blood and bones ready for the thrill of his four-wheeled chase. The music then takes a a turn into a more haunting, Georgio Moroder-esque soundscape (“Space Art” by Onyx) as, trick after trick, it becomes evident that what you’re watching is truly a stylish and intuitive rider making beautiful art out of his dark hunt.

Vincent’s primordial abilities keep you guessing as to what he’s going to pull off next. One minute he’s technical enough to bonk onto and spin out of an obstacle, another minute he’s wall riding down rugged architecture. Next thing you know, he’s hopping off of his board to run and jump into a grind across New York City scaffolding pipes.

It’s clear that what’s going on here isn’t a skater versus nature scenario, but more of skater as nature one. That’s fuckin’ deep. Spirit Quest deep.

Watch Touzery push, run, skate, and devour his meal here.

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