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Video Original: Seed to Strain: G13

The legend of G13 revealed.

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G13 is a hybrid twist of two old school strains including a form of Afghan Kush with a couple of sativas in the mix.

In this edition of Seed to Strain, a MERRY JANE  original series, we explore the highly-potent strain, with Nate Winokur from SC Labs, the largest cannabis testing facility in the United States.

For decades, the University of Mississippi has operated a 12-acre marijuana farm for the purposes of studying the plant, it’s effects and medical benefits.

Legend has it, the G13 strain is the strongest marijuana ever cultivated in the United States, and the only strain to make it off the campus and into the hands of the public, the tale claims.

"That probably didn't ever happen in reality," Winokur said, but it makes for a legendary tale, likely thought up while puffing on flower which stimulates relaxation and stress.

Seed to Strain is a MERRY JANE original series spotlighting the behind-the-scenes people and worlds of growing cannabis.

From interviews with employees of testing labs to those in charge of producing marijuana seeds, Seed to Strain offers the unique opportunity for viewers to be fully submerged in the often unknown aspects of the cannabis industry.

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