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Video: New Movie “Rolling Papers” Set to Premiere in 2016

A new law, vicious journalism and the start to a new beginning.

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Rolling Papers, a new movie set to premiere in February 2016, encapsulates the intensity of legalizing marijuana and what this meant for Colorado, the nation and the entirety of American ideology. The movie gives explicit details about how the Denver Post came to be at the forefront in this new movement.

IMDB describes Rolling Papers as a documentary, comedy and news film:

“In today's media, the status quo can flip so abruptly that news outlets are forced to reshape themselves. On January 1, 2014 as recreational marijuana explodes off the shelves of Colorado dispensaries, The Denver Post is telling the story. The Cannabist is the first pot section of a major newspaper and Ricardo Baca, the world's first marijuana editor sets out to report history in the making with a team of straight-laced staff writers and offbeat freelancers. Policy news, strain reviews, parenting advice and edible recipes are the new norm on a new beat: pot journalism. Legalization is an experiment for society and a risk for the dying industry of newspapers to hedge its bets on a new one.”

If you want to learn how this monumental movement started, check out Rolling Papers, in theaters February 19th, 2016.

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