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Watch Kyle Walker’s Epic Part in Vans’ “No Other Way”

The ender is beyond belief.

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Kyle Walker has been on an absolute tear this year. With a standout part in the long awaited Volcom video Holy Stokes!, copious amounts of footage for his board sponsor Real, a Vans pro model shoe to his name, and being one of the frontrunners for the 2016 Thrasher Skater of the Year honors, you would think it would be enough. Think again.

Thrasher has just shared the new Vans “No Other Way” edit. Aside from full length parts from Kyle Walker and Elijah Berle, it also features cameos from the rest of the incredible squad, which includes Rowan Zorilla, Chima Ferguson, Daniel Lutheran, Geoff Rowley, Anthony Van Engelen, Andrew Allen, young gun Daan Van Der Linden and even their newest rider Ronnie Sandoval.
Elijah Berle kicks off the edit with his part, which is full of his trademark all-terrain shredding, combining his proficiency on transition as well as the streets for some memorably creative skating. His impossible over a bump to bar, as well as a nollie flip out of a frontside noseblunt stand out in particular.
As for Kyle Walker’s part, there isn’t much to say other than it’s monstrous. Every single trick is heavy, and he slays every rail, hubba and gap with gusto. The last two tricks are almost unbelievable. Just when you thought his kickflip over an extremely lengthy gap would be the closer, the 50-50 that follows down a quadruple set kinked rail is sure to make your brain short circuit.
With a part like this, we won’t be surprised in the least if Walker is awarded Skater of The Year. In short, you’ve got to see it to believe it. There’s no other way.

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