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David Lynch Plays FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole Once Again in “Twin Peaks” Teaser

The beloved and bizarre television drama will make its long awaited return in early-mid 2017.

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There aren’t too many television shows that can maintain a cult following 25 years after they air, let alone grow in popularity over time. But all logic goes out the window when it comes to David Lynch and Mark Forst’s serial drama series Twin Peaks. 

Though the show debuted in 1990, and only has two seasons and a movie to its name, it has developed a devoted fanbase that has been itching for more insight into Lynch’s surreal and twisted murder mystery in the quaint Washington town of Twin Peaks.  

So you can imagine the wave of excitement that was sparked in October 2014 when Showtime announced that they would be reviving Twin Peaks as a limited series. Better yet, the show would be written and directed by the mastermind David Lynch, and also feature many of the original cast members. This includes Kyle MacLachlan, who plays the one and only FBI Agent Dale Cooper. 

Though the highly anticipated return has since been delayed to early-mid 2017, the filmmaker has revealed in his usual bizarro fashion that he will be reprising his role as FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole. A recently released Twin Peaks teasers features Lynch’s character munching on a glazed donut as the acclaimed theme song plays in the background.

After 20-seconds of watching Gordon Cole stare intently and bite at a donut, Showtime vaguely announces that the show would return in 2017. While most of us are eagerly awaiting an exact date so we can plan our Twin Peaks rewatch sessions accordingly, Lynch has instead left us with a small taste (and big bite) of what’s to come.  

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