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Tommy Chong Believes Weed Will Make Donald Trump Less Insane

Watch the second part of our three-part MERRY JANE News series with legendary cannabis icon Tommy Chong.

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As more states move towards legalizing marijuana, will stoner culture be dramatically different in coming years? What will be lost? What will improve? In the second installment of our conversation with Tommy Chong, we talked with the cannabis pioneer about marijuana’s changing landscape.

Nationwide legalization isn't guaranteed to happen in the next few years (especially with our current president in office), but cannabis will one day be sold in the same way as alcohol and tobacco—and such a shift will affect everyone, inside and outside of the cannabis community. Whether that day is still in the distant future or not, we are closer to it than ever before.

Chong spoke with MERRY JANE News about what the current state of marijuana means on a national level and for our culture. As a bonus, he also may have found the ONE positive thing stoners can take from a Trump presidency.

If you haven’t already, be sure to also check out part one of our conversation with Tommy, in which he discusses the business of marijuana, and the drug test you have to take if you want to work with him.

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