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The Most Surreal Moments of Alex Jones’ Custody Trial So Far

In typical Jones fashion, the proceedings have already been so outrageous that you can barely believe they aren’t made up by somebody like…. well, Alex Jones.

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Right wing conspiracy theorist, provocateur, and talk show host Alex Jones ended up where we all knew he would this past week: family court. In typical Jones fashion, the proceedings have already been so outrageous that you can barely believe they aren’t made up by somebody like…. well, Alex Jones. From claiming he’s a performance artist to blaming memory lapses on chili, here are the craziest moments of Alex Jones’ custody trial so far.

A cornerstone of Alex Jones’ case is that he is a “performance artist

Numerous outlets have reported that Jones’ lawyers have pursued a curious defense against Jones’ ex-wife’s claims that his work at Infowars makes him unfit for custody of his son. Comparing himself to performers like Stephen Colbert and John Oliver, Jones is arguing that his work is performance art. If you’ve watched Infowars, you would know that Jones’ talking points, from Sandy Hook trutherism to claiming Barack Obama is tied to ISIS to fomenting globalist paranoia, all have real world consequences. For example, his promotion of the so-called Pizzagate conspiracy theory, involving Hillary campaign chairman John Podesta, pedophilia, and D.C. area pizza shops, allegedly led to a gunman entering Comet Pizza to see for himself.

There was always a question of whether Jones was another charlatan like Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly, or if the cartoonish media personality actually bought what he was selling. Jones’ theatrics and intensity always seemed to indicate that he believed at least some of what he was peddling. His time in court thus far, however, has shown that he is more snake oil salesman than psychiatric patient, and his loyal viewers are suckers. As Sarah Jones at the New Republic wrote, “He is the latest iteration in a fine American tradition of snake-oil peddlers and paper-thin cultists. This is why he’s so fond of Donald Trump. The two men are in the same line of work, and they’re both very good at what they do.”

While this revelation was perhaps the most damning to Jones, many other items that came out in court this week have been equaling entertaining and puzzling.

Under oath, Jones claimed that eating a big bowl of chili has an adverse effect on his memory

Alex Jones believes he deserves a Pulitzer for his work as a 9/11 truther

Dentist appointments have been particularly contentious in the Jones household

Jones was accused of removing his shirt in family therapy sessions

Jones claimed in court that he smokes marijuana to monitor the strength of the product, which he believes is being manipulated by George Soros

A video of Jones throwing darts at a photo of Hillary Clinton was declared inadmissible

A video was shown of Jones claiming he can “drink a jug of Jack Daniels and not show it"

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Jones has made a habit of harassing journalists covering the trial

In court, Jones is only adding to the legend of Alex Jones. Of course, Jones found an opportunity to scream “You have no decency!” at the lawyer cross-examining him

Jones has made a habit of smirking and shaking his head at the opposing lawyers, until the judge told him to stop

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