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The Internet Is Obsessed with People Rolling Blunts Using Rose Petals

You too can replace your blunt’s toxic tobacco with naturally floral rose petal wraps by following an easy Twitter tutorial.

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Rolling weed has always been an art, but since the inception of social media and easy photo sharing, outlandish, highly technical twisting techniques have caught fire, with Instagram artists rolling fully formed animals and artillery out of nothing more than blunt wraps and rolling papers. But no matter how fancy those blunts may be, they’re still made with traditional tobacco blunts, adding unnecessary toxins to the otherwise herbal masterpiece. To step away from the tried and true blunt for something a little more beautiful, as Twitter personality @Simple_Sasha has introduced the internet to the all-organic rose petal blunt, and set social media on fire.

In a two minute tutorial, Sasha picks three petals off of an organic red rose, takes them on a series of 10 second trips to the oven for drying purposes and proceeds to roll and smoke a blunt that she describes as “very floral.” With the petals dried but not burnt, Sasha compares the rolling feel to that of a Backwoods cigar. 

A viable substitute for anyone who likes the slow burning sensation of a blunt but can’t stand the smell of tobacco, the rose petal blunt immediately took Twitter and Instagram by storm, with botanical-minded stoners across the world trying their hand at the bouquet blunt.

In addition to the floral taste, the resulting photos of rose petal blunts showed some even more artful burns, with different roses producing different color patterns as they’re smoked.

So next time you’re at the store ready to buy that blunt, check if they’ve got any roses, they’ll brighten up your home, help you get blazed, and maybe even score you some points with your significant other.

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