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The Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard Is Everything You’d Want and More

“It is time to scare the shit out of your stock emojis.”

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Heavy Metal fans can now enter the dark, twisted, and almost sadistic world of handheld device emojis. The Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard is now available in iOS App Store and has become the latest phone feature to add visuals to the text-messaging trend.

Flip your brother a middle finger before you jump into the mosh pit. Send a Satanic star to that girl you met at the last show. Or give your heavy metal hero a devil with heart-shaped eyes. A broken booze bottle, a bloody chalice, skulls, devils, and amps are just the few ways you and your metalhead friends can keep it “666.”

“Extreme music fans may now express themselves in utmost brutality using over 175 brand new and unique images. Created by Mark Mosley, a long-time concert promoter on the Nashville heavy metal music scene, in collaboration with Ryan Clark of Seattle design/illustration studio, Invisible Creature, The Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard offers page after page of bloody, boozy, and downright sinister emoji fun!”

The Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard brings the latest in emoji technology with a tool allowing the user to scale the emoji’s size prior to sending. Your parents, who are probably disappointed in your life decisions, will read your middle finger loud and clear.

The keyboard also has the option to change the background from transparent to white to text to “lesser beings using Android devices.”

Just when you thought you would get bored with 175 different metal emoji variations, the Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard promises to give future expansion packs from some of the most shredding bands in the heavy metal scene.

Put your Tinder in full throttle, unleash fury on Facebook friends, scare your Snapchat followers into submission, and ignite your Instagram image ablaze as soon as you can, maggot.

Download the Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard here.

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